The Enter-Train-Meant Organization

The Enter-Train-Meant Company, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to effective, strategic, and highly inspirational education. One of our goals is to engineer new methods of teaching for youth ranging from kindergarten to college. The special targets for The Enter-Train-Meant Company are urban youth. The Enter-Train-Meant Company will reintroduce life options to the urban youth as it seems that what used to be common goals are not in there view(such as doctor ,lawyer, etc). However Entertainment seems to be the popular vehicle that motivates them. The Enter-Train-Meant Company will steer the same vehicles, but with a totally positive and educational spin using the arts such as Music, dance, art, interpretive writing etc for the stimulation of there mind to be open toward positive advancements in life. We will seek to find their interests individually, and collectively mesh them together into full fledged productions, giving them a sense of accomplishment and hope with the lessons of unity. This we believe will combat the lawlessness and destructive nature of urban youth. The Enter-Train-Meant Company wants to be able to provide a number of job-ready candidates to combat the rising rate of unemployment.

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